Killiney Hill Park, a walk with a view [Part 1]

Killiney Hill Park, a walk with a view [Part 1]

The fair weather we were blessed with last Saturday was simply perfect for a walk through Killiney Hill Park. Although it wasn’t windy, it was very clear (not haziness or thick fog at all) and views over Dublin Bay and Bray Head were just a feast for the eyes.

After days of heavy rain, there were puddles and mud puddles everywhere. Because some had frozen over and because I kept gazing at the clear blue sky or at the tremendous sea view instead of watching where I was putting my feet, several times I was about to slide down. The fact that I was wearing not suitable shoes (please, don’t ask) didn’t help either.

Killiney Hill Park, View over Dalkey

Killiney Hill Park, Ready to go climbing

Killiney Hill Park, Quarry

Killiney Hill Park, Look up

Following a path which winds among blocks of stones – the quarry is popular all year round with rock climbers – and going up a quite steep staircase, I managed to reach the top of the hill and its observation deck.

Killiney Hill Park, Going up

View from Killiney Hill Park

Turning my back to Dublin Bay

Killiney Hill Park, View over Dalkey Island

this is what came into view! Can you think of a more rewarding view?

Open Your Eyes

To be continued.

Camera: Horizon Perfekt
Film: Kodak FC 400
Location: Killiney Hill Park, Co. Dublin