1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
Synonyms: sending back, throwing back, casting back, mirroring, backscattering.

2. serious thought or consideration.
Synonyms: thought, thinking, consideration, contemplation, study, deliberation, pondering, meditation, musing, rumination, cogitation, brooding, agonizing.

Howth, Panorama

Camera: Horizon Perfekt
Film: Agfa Vista Plus 200
Location: Howth, Co. Dublin

Domes and gables

At the end of the nineteenth century, in an effort to improve the appalling life conditions of those living around St Patrick’s Cathedral, Sir Edward Guinness – who had been given the title of Earl of Iveagh – set up the Iveagh Trust to build blocks of apartments of the same name.

I don’t happen to be in this neighbourhood very often, but when I do I can’t help mooning over these blocks of five-storey red-brick buildings with green copper domes and fine gables.

Dublin, Iveagh Trust Buildings

Camera: Horizon Perfekt
Film: Agfa Vista Plus 200
Location: Dublin

Dame Alice, Ireland’s most famous witch

A recent walk through the Medieval city of Kilkenny offered me a quaint glimpse into its history.

Dame Alice de Kyteler, the only child of a prominent Hiberno-Norman family, was involved in the world’s earliest recorded witch trial and hunt. Born in Kilkenny in 1280, she outlived no less than four husbands and therefore accused by the men’s children of casting evil spells on their fathers.

From street level you may think that Alice is laying on top of a wooden pile ready for burning…

Dame Alice Kyteler, Kilkenny

… but once you look through the holes cut into the fence, you see that she is levitating and floating away.

Dame Alice Kyteler in Kilkenny

The noblewoman managed in fact to avoid being burnt at the stake fleeing the country, but her servant Petronella did not. She was burnt alive for witchcraft in 1324.

Camera: Canon EOS 300
Film: Agfa CT 100 Precisa
Location: Kilkenny

Late afternoon light


Since I moved to where I now call home I’ve made several friends, but in some cases at some point a few of them have gone back to where they had come from or moved to other countries altogether.

The ficus plant you see here was given to me from the last couple of friends I had to say goodbye to. Because I actually got not one but two plants, I came up with the idea of naming them after my friends as soon as I brought them home. So, just in case you’re wondering, the one you’re looking at is Mannick. N’est ce pas magnifique?


Spring in my house is announced by the Sun’s rays lighting up in the late afternoon a particular corner of the living room. I’m very happy this year I had the right film in the camera to preserve this moment.

Camera: Canon EOS 300
Film: Agfa CT 100 Precisa
Location: At home

Vertically wide Ferns Castle

Ferns Castle, Triptych

I’m not sure this film is really suited to Ireland’s murky winter but the distortions I get when I shoot vertically wide with the Horizon are growing on me. I think it’s the rather unpredictable perspective that intrigues me most.

The castle is the one I’ve already written about here. Whew, it took me ages to finish this roll!

Camera: Horizon Perfekt
Film: Agfa Vista Plus 200
Location: Ferns, Co. Wexford